Electrolux Kitchen Design Projects

As a leading home appliance supplier, that has shaped living for the better for more than 100 years, we strive to create desirable solutions and great experiences with our products and services that enrich people's daily lives and the health of our planet. We want to be a driving force in defining enjoyable and sustainable living. 


We serve clients all over the globe. We have extensive knowledge of the European market peculiarities, including  building and design standards, kitchen trends, consumers and appliances usability insights.

Realize your next vision

We go further than supplying kitchen appliances of outstanding quality for building and design projects. We believe that strong Global Brands, together with dedicated local teams, are the key reasons the Electrolux Group has such a long history in being the leading supplier to the Project Business industry in many markets. Our Scandinavian design heritage, our innovative solutions, our deep understanding of customer needs and kitchen trends and our expertise of the local requirements make us the best partner to bring your vision to life.

Full contract kitchen solutions

We provide the most personalized and complete kitchen solution to any kind of building, architecture and design projects. From the ultra-luxurious complex to the most simple accommodation  -  we have the perfect selection of kitchen appliances to meet all expectations.

Global Projects

Thanks to Electrolux Group presence in over 150 countries, we have the capabilities to realize national or international projects. Our heritage, in depth knowledge in designing and manufacturing home appliances as well as our long time experience in project business give us all the credentials to deliver the best kitchen solutions. 

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Our team of experts is dedicated to help you transform your vision into remarkable achievements.


A one stop platform for all that's new in the world of Electrolux Kitchen Design. This is where you will find the latest updates on our partnerships, project developments, sustainability efforts, services and product innovations.

Ready to get started with your next project?

Our team of experts is dedicated to help you transform your vision into remarkable achievements.

Full kitchen solutions

At Electrolux, we have been at the forefront of innovating kitchen appliances for more than 100 years. We like to say that we are experts in the everyday, and have gathered extensive knowledge about how kitchen appliances are used, from Tokyo to Lima, and Stockholm to Johannesburg. We offer full contract kitchens solutions for building and design projects. From the ultra-luxurious to the basic classics – we have the knowledge and the products that make a perfect fit.

Wide range of home appliances

From kitchen to laundry and wellbeing appliances, we have a complete and extensive offering.  At Electrolux, we create and design premium appliances to meet the most demanding project.  In addition, we have a deep knowledge of the culinary trends and understanding of the cooking culture diversity across Europe – making us the perfect partner to choose for your building project.


Electrolux provides the most comprehensive collection of kitchen appliances on the BIMObject platform. This makes for precise and efficient kitchen design and construction process, enabling a higher quality in every stage from design drawing to finished kitchen.

Best-in-Class Installations

We are committed to offering a Best-In-Class installation experience for our customers. Through constant innovation, we make the installation of our 

kitchen built-in appliances, such as Ovens, Hobs, Dishwashers, and Refridgerators as simple as possible. An example of this is our PerfectFit solution where installers get a quick, easy and accurate process with up to 25 % fewer installation steps while using just a single Torx screwdriver. 

Download the Electrolux Installer App

As an app exclusively for professional appliance installers, the Electrolux Installer App offers the fastest and most straightforward way of installing appliances from our brands Electrolux and AEG.




Global success - local expertise

Our mission is to be the preferred partner to choose for your project, providing you with best-in-class, innovative solutions and services. We succeed by offering a rich variety of kitchen appliances and dedicated teams of experts with local market knowledge. Our track record shows that Electrolux Group has a long history in being a leading contract kitchens supplier to the project business in many markets across the globe.


Ready to get started with your next project?

Our team of experts is dedicated to help you transform your vision into remarkable achievements.

Ready to get started?

Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming your ambitions to the most remarkable achievements.

Our team of experts is ready to help you

Our local project services and business to business teams are always here to help wherever in the world you are, as an integrated part of our business.