Vac from the sea

Vac from the sea

Plast är ett material med många fördelar. Men när plasten hamnar på fel plats blir det problem. För att öka allmänhetens medvetenhet om det här problemet planerar Electrolux att samla upp plastavfall från känsliga havsmiljöer och sedan tillverka ett begränsat antal dammsugare av det.

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Competition time!

How do you think plastic can be reused? And what are your ideas on the challenge to generally minimize plastic waste? In which product or category have you seen the most innovative recycling of plastic? Send us an e-mail to with your idea described in text, picture or any other creative way.  One of you will win an UltraSilencer Green. The competition is open until December 10th. Don´t forget to provide your contact information!  



Update from New Zealand

Wondering how Julian and Miss E (yep, the Vac has a name now) are doing with their hitch hiking adventure across New Zealand?

Here is Julian's diary and some pics! If you want to know more about Julians journey then please write to us at

Day 2
After a radio announcement to help the Vac and myself get a ride, we hitched a ride to Rhode Street School to award them with their $500 cheque and UltraOne Green in recognition of their work in the area of environmental sustainability. My word, what an unbelievable school this is, where they grow their own food, construct their own structures and even have their own radio station, seriously impressive stuff. From here we hit the road and hitched to Cambridge, then to the blue waters of Taupo, then after some more help from our radio partner, hitched a ride through the roads to the art deco capitol of Napier. Another successful day of travel with four friendly drivers, its' time to relax for a few hours before another day of hitching south.



Day 3

A short hop from the art deco capital of Napier to Havelock North first thing in the morning got the NZ Vac from the Sea and myself to Iona Collage thanks to the help of More FM. There we showcased the Vac from the Sea to a group of school girls and discussed recycling initiatives, before presenting them with their winning cheque and UltraOne Green for the fantastic work they are doing in the area of environmental responsibility. Always great to see school kids thinking of how they can contribute to a cleaner, green future. That afternoon we swung by a handful of local retailers who are really excelling with their sales of the Electrolux Green range, specifically Havelock North Harvey Norman. In this very Green land, there’s some brilliant activity to support a cleaner tomorrow.


Day 4

Thursday began with a real race against the clock, to get from Hastings to Palmerston North by 11 am for our presentation to Ross Intermediate school.Things were looking tough when the Vac and I began hitching at 7.30 am, with little traffic around. Thankfully a passing sales rep who had hear about the tour pick us up, 90 minutes later we were at the Ross Intermediate school, where the Vac from the Sea presentation was held to over 400 students, and the UltraOne and $500 prize presented to the school for their winning entry on how they recycle. After a quick visit to Harvey Norman in Palmerston North, radio did a live cross announcing that I was in need of a ride to the final destination for the day, Wellington. After about 20 minutes a passerby spotted the Vac on my back and we were off to windy Wellington.



Day 5
Kicking off in the heartof Wellington, Miss E (NZ Vac from the Sea) and I made our way to Te Aro School, trying to hitch a ride but without success, fortunately it was a 30minute walk from the starting point. All the students at Te Aro attended our presentation, greeting us with a Maori welcoming song and taking a very active part in a fun filled half hour discussion on recycling. From here it was a rough ride across the Cook Straight, where Miss E and myself were lucky enough to visit the ships bridge, where the ship’s Captain explained how he had recently sailed across the pacific, and was shocked by the amount of junk floating in the ocean. Needless to say he was very enthusiastic for our cause.

(All photos Erica Ahnfeldt)


Vac from the Sea hitch hikes across New Zealand

The New Zealand Vac from the Sea is about to hit the road to help spread awareness about the worlds bad plastic karma, how we can address this imbalance by improving recycling habits, and what Electrolux is doing in this space. In a two week tour Green ambassador, Julian Huitfeldt and the New Zealand Vac from the Sea will travel to schools and retailers across New Zealand, all the while raising money for Allergy NZ. This is however a tour with an interesting twist; Huitfeldt is only allowed to travel via hitchhiking. With the Vac in a specially made harness, mounted on Huitfeldt’s back, the two are preparing for one epic journey. The journey starts today Monday 31st October 2011.

- We are beginning in Whangarie near the top of the north island of travelling all the way to Invercargill in the bottom of the south Island; we have two weeks to make this journey which covers over 2000km. We’re planning to showcase the Vac from the Sea to ten schools along the way, to help spread awareness with the future of NZ on environmental responsibility with plastics. It’s a little quirky, but I’m confident that the good people of NZ will be keen to help me along the way! We’ve had a specially made harness for the Vac so I can wear it on my back when hitch hiking, so there’s no way anyone is going to miss me. Also, under no circumstances can I be picked up by an Electrolux employee, which helps add to the challenge, says Julian Huitfeldt.

New Zealand’s only national broadcaster, More FM will be following the journey on a daily basis, not only helping encourage drivers to give Julian a lift to the next destination, but promoting the journey on their website. You can follow Julian’s journey to help spread to work on environmental responsibility and Electrolux on Today however, Julian has kindly provided us with his first update on this epic journey:

First day, October 31st. A massive trip today with six drivers kind enough to help the NZ Vac from the Sea and me make our 284 KM trip from Whangarei to Hamilton. After presenting the $500 winning cheque and UltraOne Green to the winners at Whangarie Girls High School in appreciation of their great recycling efforts, we hit the road headed south. Several times we thought we'd be stuck by the road for hours so a massive thanks to the drivers, especially for the pick up in the Auckland CBD that somehow got us back on the motorway headed to Hamilton. From the sub tropics of the roads north of Auckland to the rolling hills of Hamilton, one big first day is behind us now. Tomorrow, destination Napier! Regards! Julian Huitfeldt, Product Marketing Manager, Electrolux Floor Care & Small Appliances

TED Talk on plastic

This week Cecilia Nord, Vice President Floor Care Environmental and Sustainability Affairs shares one of her favorite TED Talks with us as well as her reflections around it.

"Less than 10% of plastic waste is recycled on this planet. This is a sad truth, and one of the most importantfactors behind our ocean waste problem. In Electrolux' work to introduce recycled plastics into our products, we have come across companies that are trying to change this - by solving the problem of catching discarded plastics and turning it back into its original different types. This makes it possible to give discarded plastics another useful life-time in a product, and helps turn plastic waste into a desired raw material. This is the best ,most efficient and quickest way of minimizing the amount of plastics that is not taken care of, and which finds its way to our oceans.

Join me in watching this TED-talk on recycling of plastics. Through innovative technologies such as this one, we can make sure that  going forwards, we take better care of  the STUFF of this planet."

(TED is a non profit platform devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It was started in 1984 and has now grown into a true global movement designed to inspire, educate and bring people experiences on a multitude of subjects.)        


What can you do?

We recently got an e-mail from New Zealand telling us about a great local initiative with the aim to take care of a beautiful beach, Waihi.

Every now and then we get an e-mail from someone expressing interest in Vac from the Sea and collaborating with us. These e-mails are always very welcome. It is inspiring to read about all the amazing projects and initiatives that are going on in different places all over the world. And of course, we feel happy and proud that Vac from the Sea is so appreciated.

At the moment we are not looking for new partnerships. But we are always interested in sharing thoughts on sustainability and the state of our oceans, and in making new acquaintances for possible future collaborations. So please keep writing to us. We regularly adress these topics in our different communication channels and gladly share information about inspiring projects, organization and initiatives!

Some of you have been wondering what one can do as an individual to get involved in the preservation of marine habitats, or specifically what to do with plastic debris found on beaches or when sailing. The answer to the first question is that our best suggestion is that you research what organizations there are in your town or area that are engaged in the issues you are interested in. There are so many organizations all over the world dedicated to various sustainability challenges and they always welcome support! Some good examples of marine organizations/projects are Save Our Baltic Sea, Plastiki, 5Gyres and Algalita. When it comes to plastic debris, we suggest that you contact your municipality and ask them for advice. Perhaps they have a recycling plant or designated places for plastic debris.



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