Dammsugarpåse S-bag® Classic Long Performance håller 50 % längre än traditionella dammsugarpåsar av papper. MEGAPACK innehållande 12st dammpåsar


Electrolux - Dammsugarpåsar - E201SM

Classic Long Performance Dust Bag

s-bag® Classic Long Performance lasts 50% longer than traditional vacuum cleaner paper bags.

Electrolux - Dammsugarpåsar - E201SM

60% more suction power

The resistant synthetic material of s-bag® Classic Long Performance ensures optimum air flow and gives your vacuum cleaner constant suction power as the dust bag fills up.

Electrolux - Dammsugarpåsar - E201SM

3 Layer Design

Different materials to achieve optimum balance between performance and filtration, allowing the bag to have continuous high performance over time without clogging and high filtration efficiency.

Electrolux - Dammsugarpåsar - E201SM

Powerflow™ Design

Patented 3D folding ensures optimal unfolding: keeps the suction power high and prevents clogging

Electrolux - Dammsugarpåsar - E201SM

Improved closing system – durable and hygienic

The closing system has been re-designed, and made more rigid by using stronger material and a new sealing technology. This to ensure the s-bag® closes every time and doesn’t break or leak. This vacuum bag is easy to fit in the cleaner, and hygienic as the bag automatically seals when removed, preventing any spillage and making bag changes quick and clean.

Electrolux - Dammsugarpåsar - E201SM

TÜV certified

The TÜV Rheinland Group has independently tested and awarded certification of performance of the s-bag® Classic Long Performance. You can find more information on


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