Teleskopskenor - 1 nivå, delvis utdragbara (75%). Electroluxförpackning. Passar ugnar utan ånga, SteamCrisp & SteamBake ugnar, spisar >60L.


Enjoy smooth and safe oven access

Check the progress of your dish easily and safely with the telescopic runner. A smooth motion lets you pull out the oven tray like a drawer, without putting your hand in the oven. Clips onto the side-racks of our XXL and compact ovens.

A secure lock allows you to roast Hands Free.

Telescopic Runners feature a secure locking mechanism that prevents the oven tray from tipping forward or sliding out while checking your roast. It leaves your Hands Free to season your dish to perfection.

Easy Clip makes rack installation a breeze.

Telescopic Runners are easy to install and snap right into place thanks to their Easy Clip feature. Allows the runners to be quickly added to Electrolux, AEG, and Zanussi ovens with an XXL cavity.


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